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Welcome to the most common next step in your scuba diving journey. This certification expands on your open water knowledge and gives you a sample of 5 different continuing education courses where you experience the first dive in each course. When complete, the certification dives will count towards both getting your advanced certification as well as that course specialty, if you pursue it. Mandatory dives are deep & navigation, and you may select at least 2 more in water dives (4 of the 5 classes must be in water).

Who this class is for:

  • Any certified open water scuba diver who wishes to expand their diver knowledge and skill set
  • Any certified open water scuba diver who'd like to advance in dive training
  • Any certified open water scuba diver who would like to experience an introduction to advanced specialties

Our Advanced diver certification class fee includes:

  • Your e-learning, tests & instructor review.
  • Introduction to the practical & psychological effects of deep diving
  • Introduction to the practical use of a compass, kick cycles & visual navigation.
  • More in-depth use & understanding of your dive computer.
  • More depending on the other speciality dives you choose.
  • Your certification card.

What you will learn:

Skills from the first dives of 5 specialities

  • An overview of the Deep & Navigation Diver specialties (mandatory).
  • Successfully perform listed skills for the first dive of 3 additional chosen specialities
  • 2 of these 3 must be in-water specialities

Deep Diver open water dive

  • Test and check all equipment
  • Familiarization with dive site
  • Descend to planned depth without exceeding planned limits
  • Dive according to dive plan without exceeding 100 feet/30 meters.

Navigation open water dive

  • Establish a reference point & plan dive
  • Practice reciprocal techniques on surface
  • Navigate squares and triangles on surface
  • Perform square navigation on bottom
  • Perform triangle navigation on bottom


Open Water certification prerequisites:

  • 15 years or older (Under 18 requires parental consent)
  • Approved diver medical form
  • Liability waiver
  • 80% score on knowledge quests, 100% after instructor remediation

Gear requirements:

  • Standard scuba gear (Regulators, BCD, Weights, Tanks, wetsuit - rentals available)
  • Personal scuba gear (mask, fin, snorkel, boots - student must purchase)
  • Class specific equipment (compass, underwater slate, etc)

Class requirements:

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution.
  • Satisfactorily complete the online learning course.
  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently.
  • Upload a photo to the certifying agency website (no hats or sunglasses)

Time Requirements:

  • 3-4 hours for online learning
  • 4-6 hours of open water instructor led training

Advanced Diver Certification


Please check our online calendar for a scheduled class before purchasing. You may be able to join an already scheduled course.

This class includes your online e-learning material, 5 training sessions with a certified instructor (4 must be in-water dives),  your certification card (C-Card), an increased depth rating to 100′ and a whole new area of diving adventures!