Open Water Scuba Certification

Open Water Certification

Welcome to the first step in exploring the world under water. The Open Water Scuba Certification is where you gain the knowledge and skills to dive with our instructors! This certification level is recognized world wide and allows you to rent or buy scuba gear, dive with boat charter operations and discover an amazing world that only a small percentage of people know.

Who this class is for:

  • Anyone interested in exploring the underwater world safely
  • Anyone who wants to learn safe diving practices
  • Honestly, anyone who has ever been interested in scuba diving.

Our open water diving class fees includes:

  • Your e-learning, tests & instructor review.
  • Your orientation session either in-person or on webinar.
  • In-person gear fitting, orientation, how to setup & tear down your gear.
  • 5 confined water/pool dives where you learn your skills (done over 2 days).
  • 4 open water dives where you work on buoyancy and show off what you've learned (done over 2 days).
  • Rental BCD, Regulator, Tank & Wetsuit

What you will learn:

  • The aquatic environment: vision, light, sound, heat loss, tides, currents, waves, surge, etc.
  • Physics and physiology: buoyancy, pressure, air spaces, breathing compressed air, mixed gases, etc.
  • Dive equipment selection, assembly, use and maintenance
  • Dive planning
  • Basic scuba skills including mask and regulator skills, swimming underwater, buoyancy control, basic rescue techniques, and emergency procedures


Open Water certification prerequisites:

  • 15 years or older (Under 18 requires parental consent)
  • Approved diver medical form
  • Liability waiver

Gear requirements:

  • Standard scuba gear (Regulators, BCD, Weights, Tanks, wetsuit - provided)
  • Personal scuba gear (mask, fin, snorkel, boots - student must purchase. Learn more about personal scuba gear costs).

Class requirements:

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution.
  • Satisfactorily complete the online learning course.
  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently.
  • Upload a photo to the certifying agency website (no hats or sunglasses)

Time Requirements:

  • 4-6 hours for online learning
  • 8 hours of confined water training
  • 8 hours of open water training

Open Water Certification


Please check our online calendar for a scheduled class before purchasing. You may be able to join an already scheduled course.

This class includes your online e-learning material, 9 in-water training sessions over 4 days with a certified instructor, gear rental, tanks, your certification card (C-Card) and the superpower to breathe underwater. If you have already obtained your e-learning through PADI or SDI, please contact us so we can provide you with a discount code.