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Tired of spending 2 hours on a boat to get to a dive site you can only spend 15 minutes on? Our computer nitrox course will help with that. Once complete, this certification permits you to dive gas mixtures with 22% – 40% oxygen. This provides longer NDL times, safer diving profiles, & helps combat diving fatigue. This class is often paired with our Advanced Adventure Diver class as it counts towards one of your 5 specialty dives. 

What to expect in this course:

While Nitrox seems confusing at first, taking this course will explain how the additional oxygen (which displaces nitrogen) allows you to have longer bottom times (NDLs), safer diving profiles and less fatigue on dives. This course may be fully completed above water as the prerequisites are your online learning & practical tests with measuring the amount of oxygen in scuba cylinders.

Who this class is for:

  • The certified diver looking to advance their knowledge and skill set
  • The certified diver looking to extend their no decompression time limits
  • The certified diver looking to combat fatigue
  • Any diver interested in different breathing mixtures & how it affects their physiology

Our Computer Nitrox class fee includes:

  • Your e-learning, tests & instructor review
  • Instructor led demonstration of analyzing & logging Nitrox tanks
  • Instructor led demonstration of setting your dive computer to you Nitrox mix
  • Instructor-led analyzing & logging of 2 different Nitrox tanks
  • Your certification card

What you will learn:

  • When to use a nitrox mixture
  • Physiology of using different breathing gas mixtures & equipment considerations for using nitrox
  • How to safely use nitrox mixtures up to 40% with a dive computer
  • Advantages & disadvantages of utilizing nitrox mixtures
  • How to analyze a nitrox mixture
  • Understanding the depth limitations breathing Nitrox gas presents
  • Understanding the different types of nitrox filling stations

Start your elearning today!

Computer Nitrox Certification


This class includes your online e-learning material, in-person training session with a certified instructor, analyzing gas mixtures , your certification card (C-Card) and an understanding of how to set your computer to various Nitrox gas mixes (up to 40%).


Course Requirements:

Computer Nitrox certification prerequisites:

  • 10 years or older (Under 18 requires parental consent)
  • Open water certification

Gear requirements:

  • Dive computer
  • A personal nitrox analyzer (recommended)

Class requirements:

  • Satisfactorily complete the online learning course with a test score of 80% or higher
  • After instructor remediation, a test score of 100%
  • Demonstrate mature & sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution
  • Complete all analyzation requirements
  • Log and properly mark your nitrox cylinders
  • Upload a photo to the certifying agency website (no hats or sunglasses)

Time Requirements:

  • 1-2 hours for online learning
  • 1 hour classroom training