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Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC

We are a group of multi-agency certified scuba instructors who share a similar mindset in our approach to training.

If you ask any diver about what scuba diving is like, you will almost always hear one thing (eventually... divers talk a LOT about diving); how it changed their life. With 1000+ divers certified by our instructors, we have gained first hand knowledge of how to train the best divers possible but there's more to it. At Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC, we are truly in the transformation business, not just the diving business. Scuba diving is an amazing sport and we want everyone to experience it in a fun, stress free & safe environment; not just push you through your certification process.

Our mission is to share this amazing experience with you. Instead of having constraints on dive times and pushing you through the required skills just to get you certified, we focus on molding you into a GOOD diver with GOOD diving & buoyancy skills and the certification is merely the evidence of that. Our concept is simple; education first, certifications second.

What sets us apart is our instructors run smaller class sizes which allow us to focus on each student more closely. Our instructors have real world experience training students and are vetted by our OTHER instructors before getting in the water with students. Each class requires diving after the training requirements are complete; not just sitting on a platform waiting for it to be your turn. In other words, we have fun doing this!

We are passionate about diving, educating and protecting the amazing underwater world.

Raleigh Scuba Instructors

Our instructors are certified to instruct through 3 of the largest training agencies in the US; PADI, SDI & TDI. We primarily teach in and around Raleigh, NC however our certifications allow us to instruct anywhere in the world. So whether we are conducting training dives in our local pool or quarry, off of the North Carolina coast or in another country during a trip, your instructor is qualified and has the experience to teach..

Instructors have certification levels, just like students. Our team of scuba instructors can teach everything from Open Water Classes (the beginner scuba certification) to IDC's (instructor development courses). We possess the majority of continuing education instructor certifications allowing us to teach popular certifications like Deep, Wreck, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Underwater Navigation, Search & Recovery, Full Face Mask, Dry Suit & many others.

Scuba is a very gear intensive sport. Equipment like regulators, tanks BCD's, masks, fins, snorkels, rentals are vital to having a great diving experience. Our "home" dive shop is in Raleigh, NC and you can reach out online for the lowest pricing on gear, service & rentals. We have our own service staff & teaching facility in the Raleigh area but also have a partnership with Divin' Dawgs in New Bern, NC for scuba gear, parts, etc. This allows us access to the best scuba resources across North Carolina with maximum flexibility.

Even though we are online; our home is in Raleigh, NC.

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