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Whether you need to earn/renew your CPR certification, want to take a diving centric first aid course or do a deep dive into diving first aid, we have you covered. Our instructors can certify you in multiple scuba diving medical certifications from various agencies that will satisfy the requirements for Rescue, CPR certifications, Coast Guard or prepare you for additional medical training with other agencies


We know picking the right diving medical course looks complicated, but honestly it’s not. There are many competing agencies when it comes to medical training as each scuba diving certification agency prefers their own company. With that that being said, we assure you there is no wrong choice. The below agencies provide the same core training and both PADI & SDI recognize the certifications from all medical training companies we offer. We have a cheat sheet below to help you sort through everything.

Certification levels explained

Diving First Aid for professionals – DAN (divers alert network) created program and is the most comprehensive in the dive industry. Their training consists of Adult/Child CPR, AED usage, hazard evaluation, splint and sling creation & application, first aid for common injuries, tourniquet usage, treatment of deep lacerations, hazardous marine life injuries, oxygen administration (as part of the course), BVM usage, neurological assessments & more. You do NOT need to be a diving professional to take this course. This is the standard training for Coast Guard applicants.

Emergency/First Response Certification  – PADI & SDI sanctioned courses. Their training consists of Adult/Child CPR, AED usage, hazard awareness, splint and sling creation & application, choking, common injury first aid & more.

Oxygen administration  – Add on course for First Response (SDI) & Emergency First Response (PADI) teaching how to administer pure O2. This material is included in DFA for professionals.

This course satisfies (and exceeds) the needed prerequisites for the SDI/PADI rescue courses and is what we highly recommend for divers.

First Response fulfills the prerequisite for the SDI/PADI Rescue course but also works well as a standalone course for non-divers.

An addition to the emergency first aid courses, the O2 provider certification qualifies you to purchase and/or administer 100% O2.