The Raleigh Scuba Diving Team

Finding experienced & knowledgeable Raleigh Scuba Diving Instructors is far more essential to your diving experience than the agency they teach with. While the certifying agencies set the “standards” of training (meaning what skills we teach & how we teach them), having a thorough & knowledgeable teacher makes all the difference. The whole purpose of training is learning & showing mastery of your underwater skills. Our Raleigh Scuba instructors have been personally vetted and evaluated by each other to ensure we not only adhere to agency standards, but go above & beyond with our level of training & attention. Each of our instructors have pledged to go above & beyond to help you fine tune your dive skills, your buoyancy and share our knowledge with you. Each training dive we conduct is an evaluation of our students. Corrections, advice or even tips to be a better diver are all part of our service to you. 

Education, not certifications is not just a fancy slogan; it’s our core mission.

Our instructors are certified to teach thru the following certifying agencies. We are required to carry teaching insurance to maintain our teaching credentials and are subject to rigorous Q&A questionnaires completed by previous students.


Our STAFF Members

Amy Mullins
Co-Founder | PADI, SDI | Master Instructor
Amy has been diving for over 10 years and received her open water certification in Spain. She loves sharks, spearing lionfish (in her defense, they destroy reefs and are very tasty) and fulfilling a lifelong dream by teaching scuba.
Amy is AMAZING with finding you the right gear for you within your needs and your budget!
Brian Mullins
Co-Founder | PADI, SDI | IDC Staff Instructor
Brian has been an avid scuba diver since 2019 and finished his open water certification in 43 degree water (and 30 degree air temp). Needless to say every dive since has been better then his certification dives.
Brian handles all the website, e-commerce, classes, charters & scheduling. 
Uriah Rex
Shop Staff | PADI, SDI | Dive Master Candidate
Uriah began diving in 2021 off the coast of North Carolina. She seems to truly feel alive only when she is staring death in the face… Legend has it that the first one to blink has to clean all the diver gear for the rest of eternity…
Uriah handles everything else.


Meet Our Awesome Instructors

David Woodlief
PADI | Course Director
David has been diving for over 10 years with several thousand dives under his belt. He loves teaching others anything from Open Water diver to Public Safety diving. People always say he has gills because of his insanely low air consumption (he doesn’t, we’ve checked). Lets go diving!
Dedan Langston
PADI, SDI, TDI | Instructor
Dedan has been diving since 1996 and instructing since 2017. He was certified at Fantasy Lake in Rolesville. He’s Old enough to still use tables but young enough to look good doing it.
Kenneth Hernandez
PADI | OW Instructor
Kenneth has been diving since 2017 and received his open water certification in Asheville, NC. He has a fantastic singing voice (on the surface, not so much under water) and loves introducing new divers to the amazing world underwater.
Dan Travieso
PADI | OW Instructor
Dan finished his open water certification in Fayetteville, NC in 2019. He is the proud father of an underwater ninja acrobat who decided to do underwater somersaults shortly after certification. That lead to Dan becoming an instructor to teach others “what not to do”.
Steven Ameigh
PADI | OW Instructor
Steven became certified in 2018 in Panama and became an instructor in 2021. Since then he has also gone diving in the Mediterranean and all around the Caribbean. He was out diving once in the Cayman Islands when he heard this beautiful singing… Turns out it was just a choral reef!