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Raleigh Scuba Diving is a new concept for “local dive shops”. We conduct most of our business online where you can easily find our scheduled classes, courses, charters, local diving related events and more. Our shop offers rentals, gear sales and most other services other Raleigh dive shops offer, including a cozy classroom for in-person training or consultations. The biggest difference is we don’t have a full time storefront (yet anyway). This helps us cut the overhead costs from the traditional dive shop model and refocus our revenue into hiring the highest quality instructors and spend more time with each student to ensure the highest quality training possible.

Even though we don’t have a storefront, we meet with customers face to face all the time. All that is needed is to call, e-mail, or text us to setup an appointment and one of our staff will arrange to meet you either at our classroom space, gear pickup location, one of our pools or diving spots. We have a limited inventory of new gear for sale and should you have a need for specific equipment, we can generally have this gear delivered within a day or two if we don’t have it in stock. Not housing every color and size of every item allows us to stock the latest products without the complication large inventories cause.

Some of the advantages of running our online business in such a lean fashion is convenience for you. Our waivers, schedules, trips and all diving activities are available to be booked & paid for online. When you call it rings every staff member so if anyone is available, you get a qualified opinion immediately. Best of all, you can also text us and one of us will answer within minutes (unless we are all underwater). So you’ll get in-person (or better) service without having to leave the comfort of your own home (or call us when you need something when you’re on-location).

Our story

Amy & Brian, the founders of Raleigh Scuba Diving, have a love affair with diving. From the first time each of them got into the water, they realized this was their church, their mecca, & their Mt. Everest. After working in the dive industry for years, they found existing scuba instruction & dive shops are far from their vision. Having been surrounded by friends & colleagues for years, they found this was their family. From group meals to impromptu game nights, this family truly is what diving enables. Friends, food, fun, fracas, & family is our blood.

In 2023, they made the decision to open their own dive shop. The key to this decision was a steadfast determination to bring their vision of what diving should be to everyone. Like most businesses, they are starting small but building on their core principles: respect, honesty, patience, trust, dedication to the customer, & providing the best education & services possible. Our customers are our family and never a walking pocketbook.

As adults, we forget how to play & scuba brings back that simple joy. Our mascot is the epitome of how we feel about diving. Scuba is our superpower. It provides the ability to fly & to visit a foreign world. At it’s core, it’s silliness, it’s simplicity, it’s joy, & it’s being a kid again. Being able to experience that at ANY age is what makes scuba diving amazing. So no, we won’t ride hammerhead sharks with an octopus stuck to our face, but it’s exactly how we feel while diving… unrestricted & free from all constraints. Whether it’s diving on a wreck for the first time, seeing an unknown fish, removing debris from a dive site, or figuring out that our breath controls nearly everything, we delight in each step. Our vernacular is simple, but our eyes speak novels. We want to share that with the world. The answer is never no; it’s let’s find out together.

Our mascot

Raleigh scuba diving mascot logo

Our services

Services we don't offer:

  • Tank fills while you wait
  • Limited hours
  • Surly employees
  • Pushing useless certifications