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Your scuba cylinder is an often overlooked but vital component of a properly operating scuba kit. There are strict regulations on the servicing, repair & filling of every scuba cylinder. Our trained & certified staff is qualified to perform the services needed to keep your tanks clean & operating properly.

Any reputable dive shop will NOT fill your cylinder if either the VIP or the Hydrostatic dates have expired. If your dive shop uses a partial pressure blending method, you may want to consider having your parts O2 cleaned periodically (this method dumps pure O2 into the cylinder). 

  • VIP – Performed yearly
  • Hydrostatic testing – Performed every 5 years
  • Valve service – Done as needed
  • O2 cleaning – Done as needed (technical divers)


Visual inspection of your cylinder
$ 24
  • VIsual inspection of tank & threads
  • New viton valve o-ring
  • VIP sticker replaced
Yearly service

Valve Rebuild

Valve servicing
$ 34
95+ parts kit
  • Valve disassembled and cleaned
  • Valve O-rings replaced
  • Valve reassembled & checked
As needed

Hydrostatic Test

Pressurized cylinder test
$ 64
  • Pressure tested in water jacket
  • Successful hydro test stamped on tank
  • VIP inspection performed
Every 5 years

O2 Cleaning

Cleaning tank & valve for O2 service
$ 99
95 + parts kit
  • Fee is for tank and valve
  • Diving safe cleaner applied & removed
  • O2 service sticker affixed
As needed

Service Details

Our VIP fee includes:

  • Evaluating any air in the the tank using our nose-o-meter.
  • Internal inspection of your tank bottom, walls, neck & threads.
  • Verifying your useable thread count is within specifications for the type of tank.
  • A thorough evaluation of the outside of the tank.
  • Removing the boot and old VIP stickers to verify there is no rust or pitting hiding underneath.
  • Removing any corrosion or used lubricant present in the valve threads. 
  • Lubricating the valve threads and replacing the tank O-ring (we use oxygen compatible Viton o-rings)
  • A VIP sticker indicating the tank is ready for use.
  • Logging your tank serial # into our database to track any areas of note.
  • Sending reminder e-mails when your tank is due for another VIP inspection.

Our Valve Service includes:

  • Valve is removed from tank and disassembled.
  • Valve components are cleaned in ultrasonic bath.
  • Valve o-rings are replaced and lubricated.
  • Valve pressure checked for leaks.
  • Valve re-affixed to cylinder.

Our hydrostatic fee includes:

  • Cylinder is checked by filling with water and pressurizing the tank to 1.6 times of the rated pressure.
  • Tank expansion is measured and compared to the allowable ratings for that tank type & material.
  • If tank passes the test, a new hydro date is permanently stamped into the tank.
  • Tank is undergoes our visual inspection process.
  • New VIP sticker is affixed to tank exterior.

Our O2 cleaning fee includes:

  • Removing & disassembling valve.
  • Valve components are cleaned in ultrasonic bath.
  • Valve o-rings are replaced and lubricated.
  • Tank is visually inspected.
  • Tank is cleaned using consumption safe cleaning agents.
  • Valve & tank are reassembled.
  • O2 clean service sticker affixed