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Raleigh Scuba Diving

Let us show you a brand new world.

Welcome! We're glad you are here. The Raleigh Scuba Diving team is a group of experienced Scuba Instructors who teach beginner, advanced and professional scuba classes. Based in the Triangle area, our primary focus is conducting scuba lessons to the highest dive agency standards for skill, safety, & enjoyment - not just pushing you through the training process. Regardless if you are taking your first dive lesson, looking for continuing education, or need your scuba gear serviced, our team can help. What sets our dive shop apart is our focused dedication to our customers and their needs while making the entire process fun. At RSD, we conduct smaller classes, longer in-water training sessions, and focus our training on enhancing the skill level of the diver, not just focusing on the "completion" of the courses. Our approach provides the highest quality training possible and enables you to be the best diver you can be.

We proudly certify through the following agencies: SDI, TDI & PADI

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Want to jump right in? Visit our online schedule to see and sign up for our existing classes, local gatherings or other events we are involved with.

Our staff is hand selected by our existing teachers guaranteeing you the most fun diving education & experience possible.

Interested in learning how to scuba dive? This is where you begin your underwater journey.

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What makes Raleigh Scuba Diving different than other dive shops?

Every instructor at RSD has been exactly where every new diver started. We begin our journey by talking with divers, called our local dive shop & was bombarded with a SLEW of information only to feel totally overwhelmed and decide we'll simply "look into it later" because it all seems really complicated. It's true; there is a LOT of information & equipment to go over before you get to enjoy the actual diving part but we strive to change that. We created our Raleigh scuba class training regiment with 4 things in mind:

1 - We want you to love the process; even the tests and the paperwork.

2 - We simplified the certification process and communicate exactly what is needed without confusion.

3 - We will provide the most thorough training & service possible while not overwhelming you with information.

4 - Our customers are our future. We listen to what your needs are and provide solutions that fir those needs.

With this all being said, dive training is NOT complicated but you are preparing to venture into a brand new world. For a frame of reference, astronauts train underwater to help prepare for life in outer space, so a little preparation is certainly necessary (and recommended) before you hop into the water. The information on our Open Water certification process is online for you to reference at any point. Once you earn your diving c-card (certification), it is valid for a lifetime and the agencies we teach thru are accepted around the world. So whether you want to dive on vacations only, or dive year round, we can help you achieve that goal.

Our scuba instructors are highly trained and teach everything from Open Water to Instructor Development Classes (which is required to become an instructor yourself). So if you are just starting your underwater journey, need a refresher course or wanting to pursue becoming a dive professional, we have you covered.