Raleigh Scuba Lessons

Discover (Try) Scuba Diving

Our Discover (try) Scuba class is a great way to experience scuba diving in a controlled environment with one of our experienced instructors; without the time commitment requested to earn you full certification.

During your dive. you will learn a couple of underwater skills, and then you will get time to swim around on scuba! Generally, this course is done in a pool, but it can be done in our local quarry (participants responsible for any fees), weather & conditions permitting.

If you decide that diving is awesome and you want more, you can elect for an additional “open water discover dive” which allows you to explore open water with an instructor. The skills you learn in this course will help you earn your open water certification.

What to expect in this course:

You’ll always remember the first time you breathe underwater. Our instructors will conduct a thorough briefing on the skills you’ll need & how to do them on the day of your dive. These skills will be demonstrated by the instructor who will then observe you performing them. The instructor is there to guide you through each skill and help you work through any issues you face. After you have shown mastery of these few skills, you’ll go on a supervised dive with our instructor insuring you can safely enjoy your time underwater.

Your initial discover dive will usually be held in a pool. We have an amazing dedicated scuba diving quarry locally and may be able to use that as long as the conditions are appropriate.

You may elect to go on a 2nd discover dive in the local quarry to check out the attractions or fish.

No, you will not be certified to dive after this course; however, you are eligible to go with your instructor into open water (no deeper than 40’) and dive again! If it’s been any amount of time, your instructor may have you repeat your skills.

No, for your initial discover dive, your rentals gear, personal gear and pool fees are included so there are no surprises.

If you elect to conduct your initial discover dive in the local quarry there is a entrance fee of $25 (payable to the quarry).

If you elect to go on an optional 2nd dive in "open water" (same day only), there is an instructor fee of $75 and the quarry entrance fee (if not already paid).

Simply put, no. There are a series of skills you will learn including how to clear your mask of water and how to equalize your ears, a transferable skill to snorkeling, or even diving to the bottom of a pool. You are also taught how to recover and clear your regulator of water.

What you will learn:

  • Mask clearing skills
  • Airspace equalization skills
  • Regulator recovery & clearing skills
  • Basic underwater communication
  • Basic underwater swimming techniques

Our Discover/try scuba class is a great way to “dip your toe” into the world of scuba diving without the time or financial commitment of becoming fully certified.

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Course Requirements:

Discover scuba prerequisites:

  • Minimum age is 10 years old
  • Approved diver medical form
  • Liability waiver

Gear requirements:

  • Standard scuba gear (Regulators, BCD, Wetsuit, Weights, Tanks) – included in fee.
  • Personal diving gear (mask, fins, snorkel) – included in fee.

Class requirements:

  • Satisfactorily complete the online learning course with a test score of 80% or higher.
  • After instructor remediation, a test score of 100%.
  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution.
  • Satisfactorily complete the online learning course.
  • Complete all requirements safely and efficiently.

Time Requirements:

  • 30 minutes – 1 hour for online learning.
  • 1-2 hours of instructor led surface & in-water training