Divemaster Course

Dive master

The first professional scuba rating is Divemaster (DM). Our DM program is unlike any "class" you've taken previously. You'll be working directly with multiple instructors and assisting them with class, focusing on your own dive skills, learning dive theory, dive physics and understanding the role of a dive professional. It's a commitment which lasts months, not days.

Prior to starting your Divemaster journey, you'll sit down with one of our experienced instructors to assess your current skill level, your end goals of the program and your long term goals in the professional scuba community prior to being accepted.

Our Divemaster course fees include:

  • Your e-learning, tests, instructor review & Divemaster student kit.
  • Your Divemaster orientation session either in-person or on webinar.
  • Having a dedicated "mentor" instructor who will help guide you to get the best and most well rounded education possible, work on your in-water diving skills and be a general resource to aid in the transition from recreational to professional.
  • Your Divemaster certification card & proessing fees.

What you will learn:

Our Divemaster Diver Course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

  • SDI standards and procedures
  • History of SDI
  • Code of ethics and professionalism of an SDI Divemaster
  • Products and procedures
  • Liability and insurance
  • Risk management
  • Waivers and releases
  • Filling out an accident report
  • Knowledge Development
  • Equipment
  • Physics and physiology of diving
  • Medical problems related to diving
  • Use of dive computers and tables
  • Diving environment
  • Dive planning and dive management control
  • Problem solving
  • Underwater and surface communications
  • Diver assistance
  • Avoiding out of air and emergency situations
  • Recommended safe diving practices
  • Boat diving procedures
  • Shore/beach diving procedures
  • Night diving procedures
  • Accident management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Leadership development
  • Planning group dives
  • Divemaster check lists and logs


Divemaster certification prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Certified SDI Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent; advanced certification must include verifiable experience in deep, navigation, night, and limited visibility specialties
  • Certified SDI Rescue Diver or equivalent
  • Provide proof of current CPR, first aid and oxygen provider (where local law permits)
  • Provided proof of at least 40 logged dives (contact us for number of dives/hours required for graduation)
  • Approved diver medical forms
  • Liability waiver

Gear requirements:

  • Standard scuba gear (Regulators, BCD, Weights, Tanks, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel)

Class requirements:

  • Satisfactorily complete the Divemaster written examination, or online version with a minimum score of 80% and 100% with instructor remediation
  • Complete all water requirements
  • Demonstrate to an active SDI Instructor the ability to solve in-water and out-of-water diver problems
  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution
  • Operate as a Divemaster in a wide variety of environments
  • Upload a photo to the certifying agency website (no hats or sunglasses)

Time Requirements:

  • 10-12 hours for online learning
  • 10-12 hours of confined water instructor assistance
  • 10-12 hours of open water instructor assistance
  • 16-20 hours of open water training

Ready to start?

We are based in Raleigh, NC and teach scuba classes all across North Carolina, including the NC coast. As independent instructors, we welcome dive master candidates from different areas of our state to work with us. Please note the Divemaster program is a multi-faceted experience. As such, we require an interview with any Divemaster candidate (DMC) prior to enrolling. Please click the "apply here" button to take the next step.

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