Visual Inspection (VIP)




Our VIP fee includes:

  • Evaluating any air in the the tank using our nose-o-meter.
  • Internal inspection of your tank bottom, walls, neck & threads.
  • Verifying your useable thread count is within specifications for the type of tank.
  • A thorough evaluation of the outside of the tank.
  • Removing the boot and old VIP stickers to verify there is no rust or pitting hiding underneath.
  • Removing any corrosion or used lubricant present in the valve threads.
  • Lubricating the valve threads and replacing the tank O-ring (we use oxygen compatible Viton o-rings)
  • A VIP sticker indicating the tank is ready for use.
  • Logging your tank serial # into our database to track any areas of note.
  • Sending reminder e-mails when your tank is due for another VIP inspection.