Rental, Refund and Returns Policy

Scuba education has unique limitations such as class sequencing, class size limitations based on material,  weather & environmental considerations. As such, please review our rental, refund & cancellation policies below. By completing the checkout/purchase process, you certify you have read and agree to the below policies.


eLearning programs

Once an eLearning program lesson has been accessed through the access code provided by RSD, those fees are non-refundable as the Certifying agency collects those fees. Course access codes cannot be reassigned once accessed. The e-learning portion is generally 25% of the entire fee for a class.

In-person training (classroom or in water)

Once a scheduled classroom training session has begun, there are no refunds. Pool and open water dive lessons may be refunded as long as the student cancels at least 7 days prior to the class start date. Any physical class academic materials must be returned before a refund is issued. Any returned student material must be in new condition (not marked, bent, etc). Any equipment rented as part of the class (such as tanks and regulators) must also be returned before the start of class otherwise normal rental fees will apply. Any shipping fees charged by Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC are non refundable.

In-water session fees

For courses involving in-water training, refunds will be issued using the following parameters:
    • For courses involving confined & open water training sessions, once a student begins their in-water training (pool) and does not complete their first “dive”, a 50% refund may be issued. After a student has completed the entirety of their confined water training, no refunds are provided.
    • For courses involving only open water training sessions, no refunds are provided once we are within 7 days of the open water session.
For any in-water training session, cancellations due to sickness or other unavoidable issues are allowed to reschedule with no fees as long as student provides prior notice. If student does not show up to the appointed class without prior notice, no refunds are provided.


Absences, Makeup Sessions & Referrals

Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC and its instructors are obligated to adhering to the schedule agreed to in advance by the student and RSD. Diving classes are sequential in nature, meaning you can’t participate in dives further into the course without completing the previous dives. Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC or its instructors cannot guarantee a specific reschedule time (classes are first come, first serve). Should illness or dive readiness be an issue, please contact us to discuss options as we do permit rescheduling for those reasons (within reasonable expectations) If a student requires a make-up pool or open water session due to a no show or cancellation within 7 days of the scheduled time that is not illness related, is coming from another dive operation to complete their training, or simply needs additional time in the water, the fees are as follows (when joining into existing classes)
  • Instructor Fee: $150 per session (includes rentals).
  • Pool Rental Rate: $25 per session.

Private Instruction Rates

There are rare occasions where a student may need additional in-water time with an instructor to learn/master certain skills or simply desire additional instruction time. If a private/additional instruction session is requested or required, the fees are as follows:
  • Private Instructor Rate: $100.00/hr (2 hour minimum), $50.00/hr (per additional hour). $125 per additional person.
  • Pool Rental Rate: $15.00/hr (2 hour minimum) and $10.00hr (per additional hour). $15 per additional person.


Weather Cancellation Policy

Safety of our customers is our priority at Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC. If weather conditions force the postponement or cancellation of a planned dive, RSD and its instructors are not responsible for any travel expenses incurred by any customer or guest. These expenses may include such things as travel costs, pool, hotel reservations/cancellations, food and parking. Students involved in a class cancellation will receive priority rescheduling for the next available class with no makeup fees.

Charter Cancellation Policy

Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC and its instructors are not responsible for any expenses incurred by any customer or guest in the event any dives are cancelled due to severe weather conditions, personally owned scuba equipment failures, boat failures or other causes. Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC only schedules available spaces on a chartered vessel and is no way involved with the charter operation, policies or schedules. Each participant is solely responsible to verify they possess the proper certification levels, experience and equipment to participate in the scheduled diving activities. If a diver books a dive on this charter and does NOT meet the minimum requirements for the scheduled dive, RSD is not responsible for any refunds.


Transportation of RSD equipment

Transporting wet scuba equipment and heavy tanks can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle. It is solely the responsibility of the student to ensure the equipment is stowed in a safe, secure fashion that will minimize any damage to their vehicle. Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC and its instructors/staff are not liable for any damage or losses incurred due to equipment transportation and storage before, during or after the diving course while the equipment is in the possession of the student.

Student owned equipment loss

Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC, its staff, assistants, instructors and affiliate instructors are not liable for any diving equipment rented or personally owned by a student that has become damaged, lost or stolen while participating in any courses offered by Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC, its staff, assistants, Instructors and affiliate instructors. We HIGHLY encourage each student to carefully inventory their gear prior to leaving the dive site to avoid any equipment loss/theft.


Guest participation during in-water class

We truly appreciate offers to assist or provide moral support to a student during their in-water training sessions. Our policy is guest divers are NOT allowed to participate or assist in any in-water training sessions. Instructors have very strict guidelines on the maximum amount of divers they can work with on any given training dive (regardless if they are students OR guests). Guest divers who participate in any in-water training session place themselves and the instructor in an unfavorable litigious position should any incident occur. Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC AND its instructors reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and are the final authority when it comes to class participation.

Guest participation on dry land

Guests are more than welcome to support their divers from dry land. We recommend bringing a book, camera and, if outdoors, water, appropriate clothing, sunscreen and a way to shade yourself from the sun.


Rental Billing Policies

Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC has invested significant financial resources into the purchasing and servicing of high quality scuba equipment. Not having this equipment available to rent or for use by our students due to late returns is a hardship to a small business like ours. We truly appreciate our customers and work to be fair to everyone so if you have a special need, please let us know in advance. RENTOR acknowledges our billing policy as stated below:
  • A daily rental rate is defined as a 24 hour period from pickup to dropoff.
  • Equipment drop off must happen with a staff member of Raleigh Scuba Diving present (unless otherwise specified).
  • Equipment that goes unreturned will automatically accrue additional daily rental rates until it’s return.
We opted to count time over calendar days as it allows for early pickups without penalties. Please see below for rental rate examples:
  • Example 1 – If a customer picks up equipment from RSD on Saturday at 10am, and returns it the next day at 9am, they will be responsible for the 1st day rate only.
  • Example 2 – If a customer picks up equipment on Friday at 5pm, and returns it on Sunday at 7pm, they will be responsible for the 1st day rate and 2 additional days.

Rental Agreement

RENTOR hereby acknowledges they will receive scuba related equipment and that RENTOR is a certified scuba diver or currently enrolled student in a scuba diving/course or program under the supervision of a certified scuba instructor. RENTOR acknowledges that the equipment is in good working condition and it is their sole responsibility to examine & confirm all equipment is in proper working order and free from defects before use in water. RENTOR acknowledges equipment rented from Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC (RSD) is their sole responsibility and agrees to be charged the repair or replacement value of the equipment if not returned ito RSD in working order. RENTOR also understands that Raleigh Scuba Diving LLC its , employees, owners, officers, or agents (hereinafter “Released Parties”), shall not be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, or damages to RENTOR or his/her family, heirs, or assigns which may occur as a result of the rental and/or use of the equipment, or as a result of product defect, or the negligence of any party, including the Released Parties, whether passive or active. BY RENTING GEAR FROM RALEIGH SCUBA DIVING LLC, I ACKNOWLEDGE I HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE AGREEMENT. I EXEMPT AND RELEASE RALEIGH SCUBA DIVING LLC AND ITS AGENTS, AND ALL RELATED ENTITIES AS DEFINED ABOVE, FROM ALL LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH AS A RESULT FROM RENTING AND/OR USING THE EQUIPMENT, HOWEVER CAUSED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO PRODUCT LIABILITY OR THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASED PARTIES, WHETHER PASSIVE OR ACTIVE.

Contact us with any questions related to refunds, re-scheduling, rentals or cancellations.