North Carolina’s Hidden Treasures: Top Wreck Diving Sites Near Me

North Carolina might not be immediately associated with amazing scuba diving, but hidden beneath its waters lie intriguing tales of the past waiting to be explored. If you’re a wreck diving enthusiast, you’re in for a treat! In this post, we’ll dive into the world of wreck diving off the coast of NC, and uncover the best wreck sites that offer a glimpse into history while satisfying your underwater adventure cravings. With our coast being a short 2-3 hour drive from Raleigh, NC, all of these wrecks are easily accessible for either a day trip or a nice weekend away. 

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1. U-352: Discover WWII History Beneath the Waves

Prepare to step back in time as you explore the remains of the U-352, a German U-boat that met its fate off the North Carolina coast during World War II. Just a few hours from Raleigh, this wreck is a popular destination for experienced divers. Sitting at a depth of around 115 feet, the U-352 offers a remarkable experience as you navigate through its hauntingly beautiful wreckage.

2. Aeolus: A Shipwreck Sanctuary

Located near Morehead City, the Aeolus wreck dive site is a captivating journey into maritime history. This former Coast Guard tender rests at around 90-110 feet deep, making it accessible to divers with advanced open water certifications. The wreck is adorned with colorful marine life and provides an unforgettable opportunity to witness the passage of time through rusted hulls and forgotten artifacts.

3. Papoose: Exploring Submerged Mysteries

The Papoose wreck, found off the coast of Beaufort, is a remarkable destination for wreck diving enthusiasts seeking a unique experience. Sitting at a depth of around 100 feet, this World War II tanker wreck offers an underwater playground filled with marine life and hidden crevices. As you swim through its structure, you’ll find yourself surrounded by schools of fish, making for a truly immersive adventure. In 2006, it was discovered this wreck site is actually the WE Hutton, adding to the mystery.

4. Indra: Diving into the Unknown

Venture a bit further from Raleigh to the Indra wreck dive site, a sunken tugboat located near Beaufort Inlet. While this dive site is very suitable for beginner divers due to its max depth of around 60 feet, it offers an exciting opportunity to explore a lesser-known wreck. The Indra’s decaying remnants are home to a diverse array of marine species, giving you a chance to witness the resilience of nature in this man-made environment.

5. The Caribsea: A Great Wreck for Shark Lovers

For those divers who prefer shallower waters, the Caribsea wreck is an excellent option. Situated near Morehead City, this wreck is situated from 70′ – 90′, making it accessible to divers of various experience levels. The Caribsea’s history as a former luxury yacht turned World War II patrol vessel adds an air of mystery to your diving expedition. During the summer, this wreck is renowned for it’s abundant shark population.


Who would have thought that the depths accessible from Raleigh, NC, hold such remarkable remnants of history? Whether you’re an experienced wreck diver or just starting out, the wreck dive sites near Raleigh offer a variety of depths and challenges to suit your preferences. We offer wreck certifications which give a great opportunity to visit one of these amazing locations. From exploring World War II relics to encountering vibrant marine life, these underwater time capsules provide an unforgettable adventure that’s closer than you think. So, don your gear, embark on an underwater journey, and uncover Raleigh’s hidden treasures that lie beneath the waves.